Samuel Thomson

SamuelThomson.org is the main project archive for a wide ranging and multi-strand art practice, based in London, UK, and engaging with audiences internationally.  The motivating desire of this work is to address assumptions about power, and the narratives that power creates about itself.

Some attempts at this have focussed on explanatory analysis, such as Artist Futures, 2009, an investigation into the ways that investment practices direct our understanding of what might be possible in the future.

Similarly, Heroes of Fakelaw, 2011, is a polemical play, in which characters from corporate mythology gather together to perform a leveraged buy-out of an emerging artist called the Protagonist, who represented emerging forms of creativity on social media.

Following this work, Gorgon, His Death, 2015, is a satire about the political efficacy of comedy and wit, extensively researched, and driven by an interest in the history of satire as a political artform, and particularly the instrumentalised usage of satire in the doctrinal disputes of the Reformation, resulting in the emergence of Elizabethan theatre.

Projects since have sought more effective means of mediating power through cognitive engineering and the use of training apparatus such as games, play and simulations to determine the abilities of a planetary-scale population.  At a time of changing public attitudes concerning the malleability of public affairs, and the engineering of political consensus, these works are sketches for an aesthetics of choice and behaviour, and a means to interrogate the industrial manipulation of behaviour that has emerged through social mass media.

This site also lists a number of offshoots from the key themes mentioned above.

Please direct all enquiries to: info [@] samuelthomson.org


Group Shows

100 Artists
The Steamship, London
22nd June 2019 – 29th June 2019

Church Painting Show
All Hallow’s Church, Bermondsey, London
11th May 2019 – 18th May 2019

Invisible City
The Steamship, London
10th May 2019 – 17th May 2019

Steamship Gallery Opening
The Steamship, London
10th February 2018 – 17th February 2018

Ruskin School of Art MFA Degree Show
Ruskin School of Art, Oxford
17th June 2016 – 24th June 2016

ArtLicks Weekend
NoMad Gallery, London
3rd October 2014 – 5th October 2014

London 3D Print Show
Business Design Centre, London
7th November – 9th November 2013

East West Art Award
La Galleria, Pall Mall, London
23rd October – 1st November, 2012

Pavillion of Post-Contemporary Curating
QUAD, Derby
2nd March 2010 – 9th March 2010

The Portal
Ozlem, London
17 January – 26th January 2010

Ooms of Mars
Signet Lodge Gallery, London
14th November 2009 – 21st November 2009

Lima Zulu, London
6th November 2009 – 13th November 2009

Squatted Mansion, Upper Grosvenor, London
27th October 2008 – 29th October 2008

Goldsmiths College Degree Show 2008
Goldsmiths College, London
13th July 2008 – 16th July 2008

Invade My Privacy
University Women’s Club, London
25th November 2007 – 2nd December 2007

Gasworks, London
9th August 2007 – 26th August 2007

Hotbath Gallery, Bath
17th March 2007 – 4th April 2007

Magnetic Visions
Kinetica Museum, London
23rd November 2006 – 7th January 2007

Café Gallery Open
Café Gallery, London
22nd November 2006 – 10th December 2006

Derby City Open
Derby Museum and Art Gallery
20 October 2004 – 03 January 2005

Solo Shows

Oldcastle’s Christian Supper
Good job Gallery, London
28th August – 9th September, 2014

Heroes of Fakelaw
New Lansdowne Club, London
24th June 2010 – 30th June 2010

Talks and Film Screenings

Technoshamanism Conference (Empire’s Other)
Axat, France
5th October 2018 – 8th October 2018

Artist Talk (Downside Unicorn Hedging)
Grange Walk Studios (ACAVA)
4th October 2013

Artist Talk (Harnessing the Mega-Herd)
Sauna Gallery, London
31st March 2013

Artist Talk and Film Screening (Artist Futures)
London Free School
11th February 2011

Artist Talk ( 3D Printing)
Kirk Hallam Community College, Ilkeston
1st December 2010

Artist Talk, Auction and Film Screening (Artist Futures)
Aggs Hunt, Limehouse, London
12th June 2009

Artist Talk and Film Screening (Artist Futures)
Institute of Germanic and Romance Studies, University of London
27th February 2009

Artist Residencies

Palace Festival
Piotrowice Nyskie, Poland
15th July 2018 – 23rd July 2018

Tomma Rum
Malmberget, Sweden
1st June 2011 – 1st September 2011

Art Fairs

Untitled Art Fair,
Chelsea Town Hall, London
1st June 2012 – 3rd June 2012

Exhibitions as Curator

Indie Games Expo
V22, London
3rd June 2012 – 4th June 2012

Publications (with others)

Post Post Scriptum
The Steamship, London
13th June 2019

Pink Portfolio
Ruskin School of Art MFA
17th June 2016

Cobra Res 1.9
Cobra Publishing
25th June 2015

Publications (solo)

Unicorn Throne
23rd September 2015

Gorgon, His Death
18th August, 2015

Infinite Forest Game
5th February 2015